Monday, May 31, 2010

Old Fashioned T-Ball Game & other fun stuff

We took out the wiffle ball set and took turns hitting yesterday. Mike taught Meaghan some pointers for her upcoming t-ball games.
She's pretty good.
My brother Steven was ready for balls in the outfield.
Mike thinks he can pitch.
My nephew Christopher tries to hit one of Mike's wild balls.
Meaghan enjoyed playing catcher, grabbing the ball, then running and throwing them at Mike.
Mom played catcher too.
There's my little slugger.
Out of all my siblings and even Mike, I really think that I'm the best pitcher and that's not saying much.
My SIL JeNae showing what she's made of.
My brother Billy waits in the outfield.
Mike tries destroying the t-ball stand.
And some other goofing off.
Doug practices his tricycle moves again.
Jack hands Grandma a flower. What a charmer!
The boys and kitties. All survived last night's loving.
Lucy gets jealous.
Cool Jack.
Grandpa was an athletic supporter.
Jack loves the tricycles. He's learning to peddle.
Meaghan sitting down on her catcher responsibilities.
 Garrett ready to help Grandpa with farm duties.
"Give me a 5."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
I had a wonderful time visiting friends at the retirement and nursing homes this morning. I made a new friend at the retirement home a few weeks ago. He and his wife invited me into their room and we talked for a long time today. He is a WWII veteran, although he did not have to serve overseas. Glen got in on the tail end of the war when he was sent from Texas to California. He was on a boat waiting to travel to the war when they took him off and sent him back to California. He served his time after the war ended. He feels fortunate to be considered a veteran because his status helps pay for their room that costs $5,000 a month. Geez, it's almost too expensive to get old.

I often ask the folks I see if they consider writing some of their stories down. I've asked my folks as well. We may not think our own lives are exciting but our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would love to read about our "adventures in life" someday. I asked Glen and his wife to write down some of their stories. I volunteered to write down their stories if they would like me too.
Later, Jack and I had our own little Memorial Day parade in our neighborhood. (If you look closely in the pictures, you can see his pink moustache, remnants of daddy's smoothie.)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Go to Big City

We headed to the City Museum in St. Louis today. We've heard wonderful things about the place so we were excited to take Jack. And he was excited too. "Go to big city?" he kept asking. A lot of other people had the same idea. The museum was packed. The museum is located in the 600,000 square foot former International Shoe Company. We bought general admission tickets and then paid extra to go on the roof. There was a wonderful breeze and view up there.
But it was almost a little much for me. I'm generally not afraid of heights but being up there even on the lower floors with my boy made it a little too scary, realizing that there was just metal separating us from the ground.
There are all kinds of cool things in the air including a bird cage. When we checked out the airplane, I felt like I was in a castaway movie.
There was a lot of climbing. Jack and I let Mike do some of the more adventurous stuff on his own.
Then Jack drove the bus. Sure, it was perched a little over the roof and you could open the door.
Of course, there was metal around it so there was no chance of falling out, but still scary!
Jack also drove the fire truck, much closer to the ground.
And he played for a minute in the ball pit. They have another pit for older kids and I so badly wanted to go in but didn't. Next time, right?
 A classic shot of Mike at the end of a slide ride.
All board! Jack rode on a train, probably his favorite part of the museum.
Got a dime to spare?
What about a nickel? Large bills also appreciated.
Mike attempting another slide.
The biggest tighty whities I've ever seen.
And finally I went down a slide. Boy, it was fast and fun! Jack was on the verge of a melt down so we quickly headed home.
I would recommend the City Museum although it's a little pricey. It would probably be wise to wait until your child is a little older.

Friday, May 28, 2010

We Remember

This weekend is a special time to remember and honor those who have served and continue to serve our country. Today, a young man returned home from Afghanistan. With less than 40 days left to serve, he was killed when the military vehicle he was traveling in struck a roadside bomb. In the past, I volunteered with this man to count the Salvation Army kettles during the holidays. I treated him like one of my brothers and teased him a lot. The light of God shone through his beautiful heart. And those who knew him were blessed to see the deep love he had for his faith, family, friends and country while he was here. Now he is home.

Please take time this weekend to reflect on the service provided by men and women in the military. God bless our troops!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fascinating Stuff

This afternoon, my co-worker and I visited a detective at the local police department. He is the resident sketcher so he sketches suspects from victim accounts. He also does facial reconstructions. He had some interesting stories. In 2007, a digger struck a metal coffin in Lexington, Mo. while preparing a plot for an upcoming funeral.

There was no marker so no one knew for sure the person's identity. They contacted the local university's anthropology department. The department studied the bones and discovered that the woman died of TB in her 20's in the 1850's. The detective was asked to do a facial reconstruction. He showed us several sketches that he did and, through his images, it was like she came back to life. It was pretty incredible.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tisket, A Triscuit

Why are Triscuits so addictive and why did I start eating them before bed? Ugh!

Monday, May 24, 2010

China/work update

It's been a while since I wrote about our China adoption. I sound like a broken record when family and friends ask about it. "One to two years," I tell them. This July marks four years since we were logged into China's adoption program. Some projections estimate that we'll receive Maggie Rose's referral next spring. If that's true, hopefully we'll travel before it's too hot (like now).

Our agency recommends that travelers receive the Hep A, Hep B and Typhoid vaccines. I'm done with the Hep A shots. I received my first Hep B shot today. After two more Hep B shots (ugh), I'll move on to Typhoid. Yippie! Not a big fan of shots but I do like to get stuff done and out of the way. It's a form of action that makes me feel like I'm being productive during this crazy, long wait.

We are officially moving our offices to the city's new building this week. I'm going to miss the natural light at the old bat cave. The folks I work with like it dark while I prefer lots of light. Supposedly, there are two light settings in the new place. I'm 100% positive our lights will be set to dark. Oh, well. I guess we're doing our part to save energy. There is very poor cell phone reception in the basement where we landed. Genius planning.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Last But Not Least

Here are some additional pictures from today's fun.

My brother Doug shows the kids that it's all in the technique.
Jack is ready to play ball.
Miss Meaghan is quite a slugger. We're looking forward to watching one of her tee ball games this summer.
We hope you had a nice weekend!

Weekend Retreat

We headed to mom and dad's house today. I guess spring is gone and summer is here because it sure feels hot outside. That didn't stop Jack and Meaghan from taking a ride on the gator toy.
Both Meaghan and Jack had the opportunity to drive. "Turn this way. No, turn that way."
"Look, mom. We're driving."
"Another look at my hair do."
Then it was time for a picnic.
Sharing a sandwich.
After the food was gone, Jack was ready to go. Meaghan wasn't.

See ya next time!