Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Preppy Little Boy

Our little boy is doing great. Yesterday, we visited his birth family and had a wonderful time. I feel like we gained more than the blessing of a baby boy with Jack in our lives. We also have the addition of his birth family, including his mom, great grandparents and uncles and aunt.

We went to church together last night and watched as one of Jack's uncles served for the first time. He did a great job. This uncle has a vast collection of stuffed animals and has given Jack a couple in the past. However, yesterday, he took out a stuffed dog and told us a couple of times, that the dog was a toy Jack could play with while he was at their house, that he would keep the dog there for Jack. Hee, hee. I have a feeling he was more than a little attached to that dog. This uncle takes very good care of Jack and us while we're visiting.

Jack took a dip in the pool with his birth mom and had a great time. Her grandmother gave Jack a huge rubber duck and a few small ones which have been added to his bath tub o' fun. We're in danger of running out of room for Jack!

Jack's birth mom also gave us a tour of her hometown. She's so proud of Jack and was excited to show him off at church and to a couple of friends back home. She starts basic training for the National Guard this September and I hear that her unit may be shipped out this spring. I pray for her safety. She is a member of our family now.

I'm looking forward to Fourth of July and the three day weekend. Oddly, I already feel like I'm on vacation. It's going to be hard to shake this mind set and actually get some work done this week.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Such a Socialite

I've been negligent in reporting that Jack attended his first bachelorette party last weekend. My good friend Amy is getting married next month and I'm so happy for her.

It's always a tough call for me when it comes to gifts at bachelorette parties. Go with something trashy or more like a shower gift? Well, I actually tried to aim for the middle and get some trash gifts that had a little class. I went to one of those trashy stores in town but managed to make it out alive, humbled by my all too naturale and not so perky assets.

Inspired by one of Amy's old blogs, I found a couple of things for her fiance - camo and cowboy condoms. I hope he's not too ticked by the hick gesture. :)

Jack and his new girlfriend

Jack and I visited a friend whom I met many moons ago during college. Her daughter is a couple of months older than Jack and such a cutie. Check out all that hair! Sadie's hair that is, not mine which is a constant frizzy bed head.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As Cute As Can Be

Of course, everything about Jack is cute but there are a couple of things that I've recently found too irrisistable not to write about.

First, after his bath in the evening, we've been winding down in his room, reading books until he gets sleepy. I'll start with a book and when I'm done, he'll either pick it up to read again or pull on another one. Either he really likes me to read to him or he's just delaying his sleep. I prefer the first explaination.

Tonight, after reading and playing with Baby Tad, he placed his little head on Tad's belly, moved it from side to side, obviously thought it wasn't soft enough, then crawled to me and laid his head on the carpet. It was so darn cute. My little monkey is now sleeping in his bed.

Lesson Learned Deux

Okay, so I was walking in the neighborhood tonight and the younger brother of the kid I honked at weeks ago says, "Remember what you said to my mom?" I'm not sure what I said besides owning up to the fact that I honked at her kid. I changed the subject and he walked away. I guess we're doomed for a nice egging this Halloween. Eggs Benedict anyone?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a load of crap!

This is a disgusting story that's not for the weak at heart. But it's too disgusting not to tell. Please don't read any further if you're eating, going to eat or ready to have a bowel movement.

A co-worker and I were shooting video this afternoon for my story that's due Monday. A local city park was our locale. As we walked to Graffiti Beach, a graffiti laden area, a horrible smell shocked my senses. It smelled like sh*+! My co-worker's son and I took our marks but he made the mistake of sitting down. And that's when we noticed it. Brown on his pants. A pile of poop on the ground.

It was too much of a pile to belong to a dog. So, you can make an educated guess as to which species created it.

Supposedly, there is a person notorious in the city for going around to area businesses and pooping in strategic places.

My fellow actor was supposed to attend a birthday dinner with his grandma later so he came back to work with us and washed his pants. What a crap shoot!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Does it look like we're visiting Jack in jail? What he's wearing is supposed to be an athletic outfit but looks more like prison garb. We're actually hanging out in our social worker's office for our first visit after the custody transfer.

Standing Tall

Can you tell I just got a CD with new pictures of Jack today? Little Jack is standing more than playing in his play pen these days. Just so cute!

Look of Love

Little Fish

Jack started swimming lessons last Saturday. The facility lets babies take their first lessons at the age of six months. Of course, we didn't do a whole lot. The idea is to get babies used to the water. I think Mike and I had more fun than Jack. We did submerge him very quickly a couple of times. The part I loved the most was walking backwards through this little water walkway with Jack laying on my stomach. It was so peaceful and he seemed to enjoy himself.

Like most parents, it's important for me that my child learns how to swim someday. It's especially important to me because my mom doesn't know how to swim. Growing up, I often wondered as we drove over river bridges how I would save my mom if a freak accident occurred sending our vehicle over the edge. Would I be able to drag her to the surface? Mom tried taking a water exercise class several years ago but the instructor took the participants into the deeper part of the pool and left her behind in the shallow end. Needless to say, she stopped going.

Jack has six more lessons to go. Perhaps my little fish can teach Big Fish (grandma) how to swim someday.

Lesson Learned

About a week ago, on my way home, I found myself driving behind a neighborhood boy near our subdivision. He was on his scooter in the road. I was a little upset considering he wouldn't pull over so I was crawling at a slow speed when all I wanted to do was get my son home and feed him dinner. I think I was in a bad mood anyway. So, this is my public confession in an attempt to get this off my chest and somehow cleanse my dirty soul. I was behind another vehicle and when I pulled into our road, I honked, partly out of protest, partly because I think it's very dangerous for kids to be riding their toys in the middle of the streets. I've been behind a kid who has swerved back and forth on his little scooter like a motorcycle on a more traveled road.

Tonight, I was walking through the neighborhood and talking to some really nice ladies. I was so excited because I don't know many people in our subdivision. One asked about where I lived. Well, come to find out, it was the owner of the vehicle I was behind that night I honked. She also happens to be the mother of the kid who was on the scooter...the night I honked.

I've often said I could be a good snob if I had the money to justify it. However, I am poor and really need to start acting within my social strata.

So, lesson learned. I am the biotch of the neighborhood. It's official. Mike and I now need to move into a different hood so I can establish a better rep. I am an idiot! Serenity now!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cause for Sainthood?

Do you have a favorite saint? Consider these two up and comers for future sainthood.

Picture a man willing to turn his car around to go the extra mile at a time when gas costs $3.79 a gallon to save a reptile called the turtle. This man is sick to his stomach until he locates the turtle and realizes that he is too late. (Then, he's really sick.) The turtle didn't make it. Not all of his missions are lost causes. If you see a man along the side of the road endangering his life as he scoops up turtles and then delivers them to area parks, tip your hat at him and say a prayer that he doesn't get hit by a car. Saint Mike, Patron Saint of Turtles. Now, picture a woman, leash on one hand while she pushes a stroller with the other. In the midst of her walks, she can't help but notice the mass suicide that lays on the sidewalk. She presses the brakes on the stroller and asks her pooch to be patient as she bends down, picks up the slimy critter, dirtying her immaculate hand, and places the worm in the grass. The next time you see a worm, carry on this woman's mission, and spare the slimy creature its life. Saint Rose, Patron Saint of Worms.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Showered with Blessings

Last weekend was busy. I woke up before the sun on Saturday to volunteer at a rummage sale fundraiser for a local non-profit. I'm a board member of that organization so I was happy to help, just really tired.

I found myself embodying Kungfu Panda near the entrance as people tried to leave the sale that way. Last year, we had traffic issues and couldn't be certain that people paid for things when they tried to exit through the entrance. Anyway, how many different ways can you tell the incoming crowd about the exit location? I felt like a tour guide at a busy theme park, like a broken record.

As I walked through the sale, Aerosmith's song "Dream On" kept playing in my head. All the cute clothes looked so cute because it was so small. I checked out the same skirt at least twice, wondering why I didn't consider it more seriously the first time, then checked the size, size 4. Oh, okay, that was why. A great number of people turned out for the event so the non-profits (there are a few besides my organization) should receive a nice donation from the university.

After the sale, I was able to see a dear friend of mine. I met this friend when I worked part time at the local university's Psychology Building. It had been two years since we'd seen each other. Wendy is destined to be a published author. Hopefully, her future success will motivate me to finish some of my musings. Wendy gave baby Jack some wonderful gifts including a cute outfit. Of course, seeing her was the best present. And I couldn't believe how old her two boys were. Wow, I remember holding the youngest one when he was just a baby. Man, doesn't that make a person feel old.

My family hosted a baby shower for Jack on Sunday. I had been really bad for two weeks, checking the registry and worrying that very few people would come because not that many items were checked off. It would have been sad if there had been lots of no-shows. Silly worries. It was almost like a family reunion minus most of the boys. A lot of my relatives and friends came. It was so nice to see everyone.

I enjoyed seeing everyone at the shower, but I'm relieved that it's over. It's humbling to think that so many people came to see Jack and bought him things that he needs. But what do you say to that? "Thank you" didn't seem enough. I like to be on the other side, bestowing gifts on family and friends.

We also saw Mike's family at the shower. Our little nephew, Dalton, is a cutie patootie with blue eyes and light, curly blonde hair. He's going to be a heart breaker. His daddy would say, "One, two, three" and Dalton would yell, "Go!"

Tonight, I received an invitation to a friend's baby shower. I look forward to showering her with some blessings in a couple of weeks.

Poo Perfume & Baby Magic

Every day is filled with possiblity and discovery when it comes to Jack. I've discovered that even if it's not your primary hand when it comes to changing a dirty diaper, the scent of poo can still linger on your secondary hand. Like a really old, warped perfume that you accidentally sprayed on your wrist, or, in this case, finger, and you can't seem to shake. I didn't shake the stench until half of my day was over and after many hand washes today.

Also, babies are capable of magic. When it comes to Jack's boogers, now you see them, now you don't. He's very good about sucking them in so that mommy or daddy can't wipe them off. Ew, ew. I just wish he'd let me wipe them but he can't stand the attack of the tissue and fusses like crazy.

Jack started crawling last week. I love watching his little tush as he goes. Swish, swish, side to side, goes my little baby's behind.