Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

As I look back on this past year, I thank God for my many blessings. And sometimes I actually smile when I think about times when I have been anxious and God has been there sometimes waiting to reveal Himself but always by my side. I am so grateful for the gift of family and friends. I am grateful that the horrible storm last night only rattled our windows and didn't leave a path of destruction like it did in some parts of the midwest.

We are all sick here in the House of Pestilence. We are dealing with coughs and sore throats. Hopefully, we'll rally again soon. My voice is deep, the only time I think it sounds half-way decent.

I'm praying tonight for a friend who delivered her baby prematurely today. She and her husband and the hospital staff knew she would deliver premature so at least they were prepared for that, but I'm sure it is still nerve wracking for them tonight as their baby continues her fight to develop into the healthy girl she is meant to be.

I hope my loved ones have a Happy New Year. The perfect party this year would include all of you in one place but, becuase I'm sick, you are spared my karaoke.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Life As I Know It

I knew it would be an interesting day when I almost did the splits stepping out of the shower this morning. A splitting headache put a quick end to my work day. A nap and some migraine pills made me feel much better. Now, I'm just zapped and ready for bed.

Here are some remaining pictures from Christmas.
My Little Green Martian.
Favorite family past-time during the holidays. Good thing there are a couple of recliners to go around.
My father-in-law Pete and our niece Ali - cute as a button.
I realized it was time for a new year when I wrote out checks for December/January and put 1/1/10 on it. Oops. I wonder how many checks I'll mess up until I get the year right. Tomorrow is my Friday. Yippie!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Where Did December Go?

"Jack in the box." Why bother with Christmas presents?

I knew that once the holidays began with Thanksgiving, that the rest of the year would fly by and it did.

We spent one Monday in December road tripping to St. Louis where we were fingerprinted at the USCIS office. This place didn't offer free parking like the location in Kansas City. So, we parked a few blocks away because we didn't want to pay the $7 parking lot fee. It was a bitter cold day but once we made it inside, the process went fast. We were early, that was fine. We were the only ones there at the time so we got right in. (In the past, we've had to wait hours for our prints to be taken.) The fingerprinting staff had issues with my pinkies. They were too dry. They used a mock credit card, like the ones you receive in the mail with those annoying credit card applications. They tried chaffing the dead skin off my pinkies. They felt violated but the ladies were finally able to get prints that seemed to work. Now, we wait for our approved paperwork and our referral for Maggie Rose that we still hope to see in 2011. We'll see how slow China gets.

We spent two wonderful weekends with our families for Christmas. And our Christmas continues into January when we will visit with Jack's birth family and have a wild and crazy time.

We've actually had two snowfalls this year so far. And I had a white Christmas! I always say that is God's gift to me for Christmas!
 My brother Steven was kind enough to remove the snow from our cars.
Of course, I received several other wonderful gifts this year, including a very special present that arrived before Christmas, and foot pajamies, a rolling pin and Nano Ipod.
We attended Christmas Eve mass this year, a tradition in our house. You have to get there an hour early to get good seats because everybody goes on Christmas Eve. We didn't arrive there that early so we were fortunate to find seats near the front.

My brother Doug directed the choir.
My brother Billy and uncle Henry lent their voices to the choir.
Our niece Meaghan helped shoulder Jesus on his way to the manger during the traditional procession. She's the fourth girl on the right.
The younger boys in the procession wore outfits like my brothers did many moons ago.
Jesus is the reason for the season.
My brother, SIL and their two children.
Me with Jack and nephew Garrett.
We hope you had a Merry Christmas and here's hoping for a wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting Back on Track

It's been a long time since I've last posted. These short days make me want to hit the hay as soon as possible at night. I've been busy this past week so here's a review.

I attended the Missouri Filmmakers Association breakfast. Basically, there was a conference for folks who produce movies in Missouri and the breakfast was open to the public...for a price. The highlight was listening to a Hallmark producer talk about his experiences. The guy lives in Kansas City but travels for those cheese ball movies I love so much. Remember November Christmas? It was just on a few weeks ago. Looks like it was shot in the midwest. It was actually filmed in Nova Scotia because of tax credits. Interesting, huh?

On Thursday, I attended a fun girlie night. The local Women's Network hosted a "Favorite Things" holiday party. My friends and I wanted pretty much everything on display.
I won a couple of nice gifts: a tanning certificate (figures that the palest person there would win that) and a wonderful ensemble of kitchen utensils, towels and fresh fruit.
We opted to put up a small Christmas tree this year. It's very nice and simple. Jack loved decorating it. I'm so happy we have a tree up. Now, on to the Christmas cards.
On Sunday, we watched my niece Meaghan perform in the school's Christmas program. She did a wonderful job. Check out this awesome picture taken by my mom.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa Visit Deux

Last night we attended the city's "Cookies with Santa." Before the visit, Jack told me he had been a bad boy (that day) and that he wouldn't sit on Santa's lap. He was going to stand by him.
Here he comes!
Well, I'll stand by him if dad holds me.
Jack soon made friends.
"You can't catch me!" or a half a dozen kids on a sugar high.

Monday, December 6, 2010

What's in that Belly?

As I was tucking Jack into bed tonight, he informed me that he had no antsy in his belly.

"What?" I asked. "No ants in your belly?"

"No, no antsy in my belly."


"Yeah, no energy in my belly. Need fruit, candy."

Sorry pardner. No can do.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who's Coming To Town?

Jack and I made ginger cookies today because St. Nick comes tonight!
Someday, Jack will learn that a bigger shoe may mean more treats. He put his size 6 shoe out tonight, a size he no longer wears. I would have gone for the size 9's.
"I'm so excited!"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Santa 2010

Does it get any better than this? Classic.