Monday, February 18, 2013

Oh, Baby Baby

Mr. Matthew being cute as ever.
Thank Goodness for Motrin.

Bond, Liam Bond

A Hello Kitty Party!

 We celebrated Maggie's birthday with a fun party on Saturday. We were blessed to have many of our family and friends there including Jack and Liam's birth families! There was a lot of love in that school basement.
 Matthew was not a happy camper. Took him to the doctor today and he has an ear infection. My sad little baby.
 A future graduate of the Big Flirt University.
 It was a Hello Kitty Day.

 She doesn't seem too excited but she wasn't crying. Liam did decide to help himself to some icing before we were ready to serve the cake. Some things never change.
 She liked her cake, icing and ice cream. Maggie was a happy girl.
 Fun manicure set with dollars shaped into hearts - very neat idea. Maggie was thrilled to rip the hearts off the tape.
 Reading one of her birthday cards.
 Does this come in my size? Maggie is going to be a fashionista this summer.
 There's a smile.
 Jack and Meaghan kept posing for my nephew Christopher who had apps that, well, let's see, killed them with heat seeking missiles, bombed them, stomped them with a transformer type robot and let their behinds give birth to an alien. They thought it was so cool. It's obvious that we are fortunate to live in a country where planes that fly overhead are non threatening.
 Working it.
 You go Miss Thing.
 And Mike, well, you just go. He was modeling Maggie's crown.
 My niece's artwork of her fish on display in the school basement.

An image of all the pictures from the parish directory made into the shape of the church. Somewhere on here are pictures of my mom and dad and my brother and his family. Very neat.