Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We visited our friends in the retirement and nursing homes today. Jack and I wore our costumes. He was Captain Jack and I was Angel Momma, although Jack was quick to correct me. "You're just momma."
They really go all out with decorations at the retirement home. Jack was enthralled with the spooky decorations.

When we saw the following pumpkin, I told Jack, "This is what happens when you don't brush your teeth."
It's a good thing these decorations don't scare their residents to death. At least they didn't put out the coffin decoration this year.
What's he looking at?
Momma and her new man. He's a scream!

Ghostly Tales

Jack: Ghost Hunter Extraordinare.
His mission: To tag along with mommy on a Historic Preservation Ghost Stories tour.
Be afraid ghosts, be very afraid.
We heard a few stories. A ghost named Alice lives in the Chancellor's Residence on the University of Missouri. I first heard the story when I interviewed Anne Deaton for a story about local ghosts. Supposedly, a broken Godfather's clock chimes with the help of Alice.
And we heard about a couple of ghosts associated with the old academic hall building.
We only made it to a few places. Then, Jack wanted to be carried for the remainder of the tour and I didn't have the energy to do that so we grabbed some yummy Mexican food before heading to church.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bring Your Own Big Wheel

Jack joined a bunch of kids at the city's rec center for Bring Your Own Big Wheel, an event that allowed them to drive the tracks like race cars.
While I would consider some participants sprinters, Jack was more like a long-distance runner. He had fun enjoying the scenery and taking it easy.
Jack pedaled for more than an hour around the spooky track.

There were some bumps along the way. Jack liked to pretend to crash his tricycle. Here's one moment.

I told him to pretend that he was sad.
Jack totaled 20 laps, putting in 3.1 miles on his trike.
No, he didn't have to go potty. He was in the middle of throwing his medal in the air.
One weird note: a young girl who was there with her brother, very nice, struck up a conversation with me. She had dark rings under her eyes. "I was sick," she said, "but I puked and feel better now." Oh, goodness. Please don't let me get sick.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hay Ride and Hometown Fall Festival

We joined a local group for a hay ride and dinner Saturday night. Despite storm watches and warnings in nearby counties, it was a beautiful evening. I had a blast. I hadn't been on a hayride in such a long time and I had so much fun catching up with friends.
We only had to take one emergency potty stop for someone's special boy. Wonder who that was. :)
Today, we spent some time and money at my hometown's parish fall festival. Unfortunately, the wind was a little out of control. I hope it didn't scare away too many people from the yummy sausage and roast beef. I love coming back here. It's so beautiful and peaceful. Sure wish I could win the lottery and move back, or set up high speed internet here for Mike's work. :)

Pirates vs. Princesses

What a fun, busy weekend it's been. Part of my weekend was spent shooting video for an upcoming Parks and Recreation promotion. I turned a Princess Dance Party promotion into an epic Princesses vs. Pirates battle.
At least one pirate had to sit down for a rest.
But the battle must go on.
With one pirate landing himself in jail. Security was a little lax.
Later, Princess Meaghan joined forces with the pirates.
A special thanks to my family and family friends for bringing their daughters and son to my princess shoot. And a very big thanks for my parents who hosted the epic battle and let me turn their kitchen into an ocean.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Critter Getter

Not too long ago, in a break room not too far away, an innocent person bought an item that had a small hole in it. Soon, specks of food were scattered inside the vending machine. Turns out a mouse had found the EZ street food buffet. The food was removed, the machine cleaned. Still, someone decided to play a little prank on the vending machine guy.
Notice: no mice were harmed during the shooting for this blog post. It's only a paper mouse.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Look Who's 3!

Jack celebrated his birthday yesterday. My big boy is now 3. Boo hoo. Where does the time go?
My niece and me.
Because one ball just isn't enough.
Dad took out his precious.
And the piece de resistance? Candy!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gunks & Prayer Update

According to Jack, there are gunks living in a nearby forest. He saw three of them tonight. They are hairy blue creatures that eat bugs. They're yucky. Beware!

Me: What would you like to thank God for tonight?
Jack: How about...cake, party, presents!
Me: How about the family and friends who are coming to visit you?
Jack: Yeah.

Love my boy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Candid Conversation

Jack: Take this momma.
Me: What is it?
Jack: (handing it to me): Booger.
Me: Ugh.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Estate Sale

Today, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a couple of years. She has a wonderful spirit, full of life, energy and optimism. She could be a spiritual advisor. During our talk, we discussed what was truly important in life. She told me what a friend once told her. You know what estate sales are? Well, they're basically one day of selling everything that you've collected in a lifetime. Poof, just like that, a lifetime is sold. Think about what's important in life. You can spend your whole life collecting junk or you can concentrate your time and effort on the more important elements like family, friends.

That is exactly what I tried explaining the other night during my prayer with Jack. I asked him to thank God for what he was thankful for. He said, "Piggy, bear, Kirby," some of his stuffed animals. Very cute. That is his world right now. I gently pointed out that friends and family are the important things in our lives. Without them, life would be rather lonely.

My friend also mentioned that she had been in an accident when she was a young girl. The accident almost guaranteed that she wouldn't be able to have children. From that young age her father told her to look around, all the children in the world were her children. She could help care for and love them.

I was in tears by the end of our talk.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Father - revised

Jack and I say the "Our Father" before bedtime every night. He decided to put his own spin on the ol' classic . See if you can spot the difference.

Our Father who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done.
On Earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day candy.
Candy! Candy! Candy!

My Big Hippie

Last night, I took Jack to get his hair cut. It was getting really long along the sides and I didn't want him to look so shabby at his birthday. Mike and I have been teasing him about looking like a hippy. "Pretend hippy," he would correct us. Jack was a really big boy at the salon (Cost Cutters), even sitting in the chair by himself for half of the trim. After we got in the car, he said, "But I wanna be hippie!" He repeated that to me this morning during my way into work. I assured him that his hair would grow back and he could be a pretend hippie again. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had a busy, fun weekend. On Saturday, we went to the pumpkin capital of the state, a local town with tons of pumpkins and photo opportunities. Unfortunately, Jack didn't want to pose very much.
Captain Jack working on his pirate facial hair - or the remains of a caramel apple.
Then we partied at his friend's birthday party.
Jack and his daycare buddies.
 On Sunday, we visited with family and had a wonderful time.
 Since it was a beautiful day, Jack wanted to spend it all outside. Here, he gives the camera "big eyes" while posing with a new friend.
My mom and dad are traveling, touring New York City and Washington, D.C. They went to some fancy club tonight and saw Donald Trump. Mom took a picture from far away. An 80-something-year-old woman in their group actually went up and shook the Don's hand. Told him she watched him all the time. He said, "God bless you." Dad ended up striking up a conversation with Trump's body guard. What a small world.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why My Cat May Have Hated Me Saturday

 So, I guess they give the bob tail lion cuts to the nice cats? :)

Poor kitty needed a trim, but she wasn't very happy about it.


I took Jack to a one hour preschool program today that involved touring a local fire station. All I heard before the tour began was, "Where fire truck?"
And this is what happened when we finally got in the fire truck.
Even posing outside the truck was a no-go.
That's me, going with the flow.
At least one of us was smiling.

Things were better this evening. We went to a Mizzou volleyball game and Jack won a t-shirt. However, Mike went to Wal-mart later and was aggressively pursued by a guy in one of those assist wheel chairs. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode.