Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Odds and Ends

While Jack was tricycling tonight, he looked at me and said, "Nice day outside today." At age 2.5 my son already knows how to strike up a conversation with trivial conversation matter like the weather.

My co-worker and I were on our way back from a health fair this morning when we saw a truck with Ghost Hunter (something) in front of Kinkos. I can't remember if the third word was Society or Trackers. Anyway, the truck had a California license. I asked the driver what they were doing in our town. He said they were just passing through. When asked where they were headed next, he replied, "Colorado." But he couldn't give me additional information because they were under contract. Whoo (scary ghost sound)....ghost investigations are fun if not a little tedious. I went on one once. I loved it, although I was really tired the next day. Ghost investigations can turn into long nights.

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