Monday, May 10, 2010

My Big Baby

Jack spotted a baby bottle nipple tonight which started a discussion of what is was like when he was a baby. We even pretended that Jack was a baby for a while which he seemed to enjoy. I sat with Jack in the recliner, rocked him and read him a book, like I always did when he was a baby whether he was awake or not. Then I fake burped him. So cute. Holding him in my arms was a reminder of how big my little man's grown.

Besides reminiscing, we also played indoor golf and made a masterpiece with finger paints. And somehow, we even managed to watch a little Monsters, Inc., one of Jack's favorite movies.

I'm still looking for a digital camera. My SIL suggested I check a pawn shop so I did. Alhough they had digital cameras, they were not the kind I want so the search continues.

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