Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend in Review

Went back home today. My father was in charge of the Knights of Columbus Family Day barbecue. That's my dad in the John Deere apron.
The man on the left is my uncle Joe. He's doing pretty good for having received a pace maker a couple of weeks ago. The man on the right with the tongue out is my uncle Butch. Doesn't he look great on camera?
Uncle Henry proudly displays his ball.
He and some other guys played what they call hill billy golf.
They did pretty good.
We saw a cute little frog.
A really nice guy brought this razor scooter to the ballpark. He remembered how much Jack liked it last year.
Meaghan and Jack.
Future ball player.
On the playground with Meaghan.
Rock climbing.
Running on the bleachers.
We sure had a great time today. It's amazing how fast the weekend flew by.

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