Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work and Jack

I enjoyed a busy day today. I say enjoy because I really dislike slow days. My co-worker and I had six interviews for two upcoming stories. We interviewed five past and current members of the local police department for a story about their forensic evidence team. That was neat. They gave us laser projectory and luminol blood detection demonstrations. This afternoon, we spoke with a young soul who will be 92 this August. We interviewed him about a road in town that has been designated a scenic road. The man had a sharp mind and was full of interesting information about the nearby university and area. I love history. The beautiful soul has the same philosophy that I try to hold to in my life: try not to sweat the small stuff. Not always easy but life is a lot less stressful when you look at it that way.

A couple of cute Jack stories.
Bad boy - I caught my boy being a bad boy tonight. I was wondering why he was hiding behind the recliner. Then I noticed the gum package on the ground. I ordered him to open up. He had a big ol' wad in his mouth. Then I asked him how many pieces. "2," he answered, so cute. I don't offer him gum because he just swallows it. I told him a couple of times to give it to me when he was done but he ended up swallowing it. What a goober. I hear from some trusty web sources that gum doesn't stay in your system for seven years so I think he's going to be okay. I need to be more careful with my purse.

One more please - Mike typically has some candy in the car for Jack so our little guy knows he might get a small dum dum sucker on the way home. Tonight, he asked Mike for candy after his usual one piece. Mike told him no. Jack said, while gesturing with his finger, "Daddy, daddy. One more." Basically, Jack's voice inflection was saying, "Come on man. Give me a break. Just one more." This went on a couple of times.

Singer songwriter - After I put Jack to bed tonight, he sang very sing-song, "Mommy, mommy, mommy. Daddy, daddy, daddy. Me, me, me." He's a natural.

I love my boy!

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