Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
I had a wonderful time visiting friends at the retirement and nursing homes this morning. I made a new friend at the retirement home a few weeks ago. He and his wife invited me into their room and we talked for a long time today. He is a WWII veteran, although he did not have to serve overseas. Glen got in on the tail end of the war when he was sent from Texas to California. He was on a boat waiting to travel to the war when they took him off and sent him back to California. He served his time after the war ended. He feels fortunate to be considered a veteran because his status helps pay for their room that costs $5,000 a month. Geez, it's almost too expensive to get old.

I often ask the folks I see if they consider writing some of their stories down. I've asked my folks as well. We may not think our own lives are exciting but our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren would love to read about our "adventures in life" someday. I asked Glen and his wife to write down some of their stories. I volunteered to write down their stories if they would like me too.
Later, Jack and I had our own little Memorial Day parade in our neighborhood. (If you look closely in the pictures, you can see his pink moustache, remnants of daddy's smoothie.)

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