Saturday, May 15, 2010


Mom and I took Jack and Meaghan on their first train ride today. We took the Amtrak to Hermann for the Maifest.
Of course, it was raining.
Silly Meaghan.
Jack actually spent some time on my lap before he decided hanging out with Grandma was more fun.
Watching the trees and rivers go by.
Umbrellas were a must, although it did stop raining a little while we were there.
A cool old building. Have I ever said how much I love old buildings?
Looks a bit like a painting.
Thank goodness.
Another neat shop.
A neat iron fence around a school built in 1871. We didn't stay very long. The boys needed their naps. We did stop by Stonehill a little and my SIL and I sampled a few wines. Then it was time to head home.

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