Monday, May 31, 2010

Old Fashioned T-Ball Game & other fun stuff

We took out the wiffle ball set and took turns hitting yesterday. Mike taught Meaghan some pointers for her upcoming t-ball games.
She's pretty good.
My brother Steven was ready for balls in the outfield.
Mike thinks he can pitch.
My nephew Christopher tries to hit one of Mike's wild balls.
Meaghan enjoyed playing catcher, grabbing the ball, then running and throwing them at Mike.
Mom played catcher too.
There's my little slugger.
Out of all my siblings and even Mike, I really think that I'm the best pitcher and that's not saying much.
My SIL JeNae showing what she's made of.
My brother Billy waits in the outfield.
Mike tries destroying the t-ball stand.
And some other goofing off.
Doug practices his tricycle moves again.
Jack hands Grandma a flower. What a charmer!
The boys and kitties. All survived last night's loving.
Lucy gets jealous.
Cool Jack.
Grandpa was an athletic supporter.
Jack loves the tricycles. He's learning to peddle.
Meaghan sitting down on her catcher responsibilities.
 Garrett ready to help Grandpa with farm duties.
"Give me a 5."

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EE said...

Great photos! I'm so glad you had a fun weekend!