Saturday, May 29, 2010

Go to Big City

We headed to the City Museum in St. Louis today. We've heard wonderful things about the place so we were excited to take Jack. And he was excited too. "Go to big city?" he kept asking. A lot of other people had the same idea. The museum was packed. The museum is located in the 600,000 square foot former International Shoe Company. We bought general admission tickets and then paid extra to go on the roof. There was a wonderful breeze and view up there.
But it was almost a little much for me. I'm generally not afraid of heights but being up there even on the lower floors with my boy made it a little too scary, realizing that there was just metal separating us from the ground.
There are all kinds of cool things in the air including a bird cage. When we checked out the airplane, I felt like I was in a castaway movie.
There was a lot of climbing. Jack and I let Mike do some of the more adventurous stuff on his own.
Then Jack drove the bus. Sure, it was perched a little over the roof and you could open the door.
Of course, there was metal around it so there was no chance of falling out, but still scary!
Jack also drove the fire truck, much closer to the ground.
And he played for a minute in the ball pit. They have another pit for older kids and I so badly wanted to go in but didn't. Next time, right?
 A classic shot of Mike at the end of a slide ride.
All board! Jack rode on a train, probably his favorite part of the museum.
Got a dime to spare?
What about a nickel? Large bills also appreciated.
Mike attempting another slide.
The biggest tighty whities I've ever seen.
And finally I went down a slide. Boy, it was fast and fun! Jack was on the verge of a melt down so we quickly headed home.
I would recommend the City Museum although it's a little pricey. It would probably be wise to wait until your child is a little older.

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