Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend in Review

Our weekend was pretty easy going. Yesterday we chilled and went to church. Today, we saw my parents and then traveled to Jack's birthmother's hometown. It was the day of their annual picnic. It's a nice family friendly event in a small town.  Jack actually went on the train by himself this year. I was very proud of my big boy. Do you think this look means he's tired of me taking his picture? Nah.
Jack tried his luck at the fish pond. His great grandma (behind the fish pond display) and Uncle Glenn always set him up with some good stuff including a fire fighter hat and flag.
The anticipation!
Then we played the "Roll the Dice" game. One of the reasons I love this picnic is because the workers pretty much let you win no matter how many times you roll the dice, well, at least they gave Jack more than a half dozen tries. My volunteer fire fighter wore the hat for good luck.
He played two times and won himself a stuffed duckie and one for his little brother Elijiah, his birthmother's son.
There's the cutie!
Jack braved the bounce house for a few seconds, got out, then decided to go back in. The second time he went in, he and another child collided which gave him a little bloody nose. My poor baby. Look at him jump!
Then it was time for some quick pictures with family including his birthmom. Unfortunately, he was kind of crabby here.
But cheered up a bit when he got hugs from his aunt Jay. That's a 2.5 year old for you.
We had a great time. We'll be back on Friday and Saturday for his birthmother's wedding. I'm praying for beautiful weather.

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