Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Choo Choo & Art Too

My co-workers are producing a segment about city employees who do cool things on the side. Tonight, we visited a Public Works employee who makes metal sculptures with his wife. They also made a train which Jack enjoyed riding in tonight. The only problem? Jack didn't want to get out. I had to eek out a "thanks" from him because he was pouting that Richard stopped the ride.
Jack took his train driving seriously. Each car had a wheel. Perhaps Jack thought he was really steering the train. I did get one wave out of him.
The following are some metal sculptures that Richard created with his wife. I think it's beautiful that they share something so creative together.

A horse.
A fish.
Rudolph. (I didn't take this one from the best angle. Looks like a bug if you don't give it a second look.)
Love birds.
Flowers in the wind.
 A soldier sculpture that they are donating to a fundraiser for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.
And these are the parts and pieces that Richard and his wife use to create their masterpieces. Pretty neat that they can take what some consider junk and turn them into art.

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