Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

I brought work quipment home this weekend to shoot video of Meaghan and Jack, my child stars. My line of work may have inspired Meaghan and her future career. She declared that she wanted to make a Little Pet Shop movie. I felt sorry for the hamster above. She had tied a balloon string to his poor neck. He wasn't going anywhere. I guess he wasn't a very cooperative actor. The bunny and panda were decked out and ready for their close-ups.
My stars sang, "Ooohhhh, walking bus." It's a bit cheesy but it's a theme song a couple of ladies wrote for a program in the city. What's cuter than cute kids singing it?
Meaghan even stood up and danced once. We did several takes. I think I captured a couple of good ones.
Jumping Jack Flash is too fast for the camera.

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