Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party Time

One of my uncles celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday. It was also my dad's birthday. Jack was excited to go to a party and see Grandpa and Grandma. Check out the lovely cakes below. I think my uncle must love to play dominoes.
Jack met some friends (second cousins) at the party, Samuel and Sophie.
Jack and Sophie really hit it off. Sophie is 3.
Hang in there, Jack!
They both needed to be pushed "higher, higher." Boy, was I busy.
"Gotcha!" Jack and cousin Meaghan played tag on the basketball court at my grade school.
Dad with three of his brothers and one of his sisters. My uncle Junior, the reason we were all there, has his back to the camera.
Despite feeling under the weather, dad brought his car down to please the crowd.
It was nice to see uncles, aunts and cousins that we don't see very often, although we didn't stay at the party very long. Jack was waayyyy past his naptime.

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