Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Move over Rambo, Rosebo is here. My co-worker is promoting a Bow Hunting for Ladies program offered by Parks and Recreation. Knowing how much I just hate acting silly (yeah, right), he asked me to get serious with a bow and arrow. Check out the lipstick war paint under my eyes. Rubbed it in and had ruby cheeks all day.
After we finished scaring people who drove by the local park, we shot lab scene video at the police department. They send most of their stuff to the Highway Patrol, so we pretended to take prints off a seargent's gun and they performed chemical tests on marijuana and crack cocaine. Yep, they were real.

I spent the rest of the day with another co-worker assisting with interviews for his Adopt A Spot story. It was a busy, hot but fun day. I'm relieved that my farmer's tan isn't going anywhere fast. :)

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