Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Boy

Mike and I sometimes talk with Jack about the possibility of being a big brother. He's already a big brother to his birthmother's son, Elijiah. But, one day, we hope that we will be able to adopt again and give Jack the beautiful gift of having a sibling, one to laugh with and share toys, a child who we can call our son or daughter. This morning, Jack and I were discussing this over breakfast. Some of the things we mentioned included riding Jack's motorcycle (his big wheel),  playing trains together...

"And share toast with," Jack added, as he munched on a piece of buttered toast.

My little man has a heart of gold. I know siblings don't get along 100 percent. (I had three brothers.) I know Jack and a future sibling will have their fair share of squabbles, but the joys in life that they share together will be precious. My big boy will be a wonderful big brother someday.

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