Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dream a Little Dream or Two

It is my policy to grab a nap when Jack does on the weekends and I slept like a log today. I also had some bizarre dreams. In a week or two, we will be visited by a social worker to update our home study. An approved home study is necessary to adopt. We've had a home study almost every year for the past four years.

Anyway, one of my dreams involved a home study visit from a social worker who asked bizarre questions like what was the name of Don Knott's character's supervisor in Three's Company. Puzzled as to how that subject question would pop up in a dream? So, was I. Also, Jack was acting crazy during the visit, sort of like he acted after church tonight.

I believe the other dream was a gift from God to give me hope. I dreamed of seeing a baby in a crib and it felt like he was mine.

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