Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Blessings of Family

Jack and I joined family and friends and showered his birthmother and her fiance with gifts yesterday. They will be married at the end of July. They bought Jack a ring bearer vest. He'll look so cute in it if I can ever get it on him. Aunt Jay modeled it for us.
Jack also let Aunt Jay borrow his new Spongebob sunglasses.
Jack had a blast with cousins, Chris and Allysa.
Uncle Parker and cousin Josh helped Jack fly up in the sky.
I took a decent picture of Sam and Aunt Jay but Jack's head was turned. In all fairness, he was being tickle tortured at the time.
Then Sam and I tried to take a picture with Jack.
Hopefully, we'll have much better luck at the wedding. Jack didn't want to slow down yesterday. He didn't have time for pictures.

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