Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I survived, although I may be bairly functioning today. I had a wonderful time with my friends and even met a new one. We met at a Mexican restaurant before the show.
I brought my Edward doll, you know the one I spent $5 for at a university rummage sale.
We're not sure which drink was Edward's fav.
Bad beath anyone?
I stuck with a soda. Edward insisted on feeding me chips.
My friends thought my doll was cool.
A nearby table of Twilight goers also wanted to pose with him.
That table had lots to drink. Later, one of their members got sick in the theater, thankfully not in the one we were in.

Call us loiters. We were in line for more than 20 minutes.
Some of us posed by the movie poster. Remember, my goofiness was not alcohol induced. I just come by it naturally.
Enjoying the show.
And the popcorn.
And holding my hands during the scary parts.
Quotes overheard: "Oh, no. We're being trampled by moms." (We were those moms as we dashed towards the line when our theater number was called. Sad, eh?)

Overall: I enjoyed the show. I still don't think the female lead can act but I love the Cullens and the girl's dad. Still leaning towards team Jacob. One of the party girls had on a shirt that said,"Team Charlie." Loved it!

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