Thursday, June 17, 2010

Batter Up!

Last night, Jack and I went to my niece Meaghan's tee ball game. It was pretty hot but the kids were excited. I taught Jack the chant, "Go, go Meaghan. Go, go, go Meaghan."
It must have worked. Meaghan had told mom that she hoped they wouldn't pitch to her and instead use the tee ball stick. Well, my niece hit that ball each inning without the stick. I was so proud of her. She even brought in a homerun. :)
But she was more concerned about her loose tooth and spent most of her time on the field playing with it. Mom spent most of her time keeping my nephew Garrett busy. Here, they are playing "Itsy Bitsy Spider."
Garrett snuck on the field a couple of times. Mom and my SIL JeNae took turns running after him.
Good game. Good game.
The boys were proud of Miss Meaghan, the champion. You can just see Grandpa's head behind them.
I love tee ball games. No parents yelling at their kids, only cheering. And cheering for both teams. The kids have some good old-fashioned free-spirited fun, like the two boys who laid down in the in-field during one inning. We had a wonderful time and wish Miss Meaghan the best during her remaining season.

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