Sunday, June 13, 2010

Like Sisters

Once a year, I am blessed with a visit with Sister Mary Mediatrix. She and I attended kindergarten, grade school and high school together. We were best friends. Last Thursday, we visited a couple of hours together. Even though we only see each other once a year, it was just like old times. We had fun catching up and discussing her new role in her order, the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George. She is moving to Wisconsin and will work with young women who are discerning a vow to the sisterhood. She will also represent her order to people within the diocese, similiar to PR/HR work. She is a little nervous about the transition. She has been a music teacher for the past ten years at a Catholic grade school.
We had a lot of fun during our visit. We laughed about how lame we were in high school. We used to go to parties and leave less than an hour later. We weren't into underage drinking so there wasn't much for us at these parties. The only thing interesting that took place at them were when our classmates had cat fights. We spent many Friday/Saturday nights watching movies in the basement of her parents' house.
I pray that my friend does well. She has a wonderful personality and can accomplish anything that is assigned to her by the grace of God.

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