Monday, June 21, 2010

Glamour Girls

A few friends and I attended the Glamour Night Summer Soiree, a fundraiser held by Lutheran Family Children Services. My friends found some cute things at the booths. Although I saw several things I really liked, I was proud of my restraint. Still, I had a great time. I bumped into Janeene, one of our social workers. Have I ever said how awesome she is? She's so much fun. Janeene is a rock and has provided fabulous emotional support to us over the past couple of years. Love her!

Janeene, me and Jennifer

Unfortunately, I did not win the dermatology package or the diamond necklace, the big giveaways during tonight's event. I did walk away with this free botox hat. Ha, ha. Too bad I didn't have it on during the entire evening. I spent a couple of hours on the road today in a non-airconditioned vehicle, giving myself the natural windblown look. On the upside, I met and interviewed a neat man who worked for the railines. On the downside, my hair was pretty wild.
No one is going to believe I had botox, are they? :)

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michelle said...

I love your dress! You, Jennifer and Janene look like you had way too much fun!!!