Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tons of Trucks...and other vehicles

I took Jack to Tons of Trucks tonight, a free event sponsored by the city's Parks & Recreation department. Jack was a little clingy at first. Although he loved seeing the vehicles, they were a little overwhelming when we arrived.
We'd be next in line to see something and then he'd quickly change his mind.
His mood quickly improved after we discovered this ramp attached to a vehicle. It was like a mini park. He ran up and down it several times. It was hard to get him to move on to a different vehicle.
We checked out a garbage truck. Thanks to my friend from the city who took this picture.
Paging Dr. Jack - checking out an ambulance.
He also climbed into the back of a fire truck. I was really proud of him.
Saw friends, Jen and Travis and their boys.
But the real fun for Jack began when he had the courage to climb on some tractors.
Turned on a light or two.
"Outta my way momma!"
"Here I come!"
We had a great time. I asked Jack, "What was your favorite part about the event?" He answered, "Riding in tractors was my favorite part." We'll be back again next year. As for this summer, he's ready to give Grandpa a hand. :)
Green and yellow are quickly becoming his favorite colors.

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