Sunday, April 4, 2010

Signs of Spring

The warm weather is back, although I hear cooler temperatures are in the forecast this week. Dandelions are popping up. I'm remaining young at heart, refusing to see them as weeds. Jack and I call them flowers.

Leaves are budding out on our trees. The weeping willow looks like a place where our niece Meaghan's fairies would live.
Jack and I took a walk on Saturday. He put a ball in each jacket pocket. It got a little crowded in there.
The walk didn't last very long. Jack had other important things to do.
Like fishing.
And playing ball. This shot happened right before I was hit by the ball. He's a good hitter.
We also hid his tee ball in the yard. During his turns to hide the ball, he'd give it away every time. I'd say, "Here I come!" And he'd say, "There it is!"

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