Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Colors of Spring

I love this time of year. Winter's solitude is gone. The birds are back and singing, leaves are unfurling on trees and the flowers are blooming. Our front trees are growing so tall. When we bought our house, the previous owner hadn't planted any plants - no trees, no bushes, nothing. It was a pretty sad yard but it allowed us to plant whatever we wanted, including two beautiful maple trees in our front yard.
I love lots of color so I found different plants to add some variety to the yard, incuding burning bushes and this next plant (name escapes me) that puts out tiny pink flowers in the spring.
Our young red bud tree finally has flowers on it this year. I love red bud trees. They are gorgeous!
And I planted this bleeding hearts plant in honor of my Grandma Rose. The bleeding heart was one of her favorite plants. I think of her often. This plant is another reminder of her beautiful soul and influence in my life.

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