Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy and Blessed Easter!

Jesus Christ is risen. Alleluia! What a glorious day. I celebrated Easter Sunday morning by bringing the Eucharist to my friends. I saw all five of the home bound residents. They seemed to be in good spirits, even my friend who has been declining over the past several months. The Easter spirit is alive in us all.
I also enjoyed watching Jack as he discovered what the Easter Bunny left for him. He received lots of goodies including playdoh and a race car. He especially loved the Jelly Belly jelly beans.
He quickly mutilated his poor chocolate bunny.
Even he felt a bit remorseful. :)
That sneaky Easter Bunny hid eggs outside so we went looking for our lost candy booty.
Say cheeseburger! Look at that lovely hair.
Then we went to see Grandpa and Grandma. Jack was "looking" for Meaghan on the gravel road. He engages his temples and cheeks to activate his super sensory eyes.
Jack and Meaghan enjoyed the train ride. I was the conductor.
Meaghan is a tough girl. Look at those biceps!
Loving daddy.
Giving Garrett some lovin'.
Garrett wanted to go for a ride.
Grandpa ended up spending a lot of time with Garrett in the truck.
Objects in mirrors are closer than they appear.
This brave bunny was sliding upside down.
Meaghan's mask looked a little creepy on an adult. It would make a good Halloween costume. 
My brothers Steve and Doug. They helped me hide the Easter eggs.
Fun with chalk. 
Easter egg hunting.
What a score!
I hid a poem filled with clues in the Easter eggs. It led the kids to the backyard houses for treasure: ring pops.
Meaghan is a true blue fan.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. God bless!

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