Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thrifty Shopper? There's Another Term for That.

I consider myself a thrifty shopper. I like to check out the local thrift shops, including the Salvation Army. But I take my professional thriftiness to a whole new level. You could call me a collector connoisseur or dumpster diver. I prefer dumpster diva. Yes, I moonlight as a refuse collector. (Please know this was on someone's curb headed for the landfill.) So, before you judge me, thank me for slowing down the speed at which our dump fills. :)

Actually, I don't do this very often. But when something catches my eye, like this desk did this morning, well, I dove.
It comes with a chair that is a perfect fit for Jack and cats. Max sure liked it. Besides from a few crayon marks, this desk is in great shape.
You could say it's the cat's meow.

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