Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shower and Sunshine

Mom, Meaghan, Jack and I attended a second cousin's baby shower today. We had a wonderful time. She is doing great despite a health issue. I'm very excited for April and her family. This will be my cousin's first grandchild.

Here's a great snapshot I took of Jack at the shower. My camera is on the fritz now so these pics are all taken with mom's lovely camera.
The cousins played on the tricycles in the afternoon. Jack still doesn't understand how to work the peddles.
So he walked the tricycle where he wanted to go.
Miss Meaghan posed for the camera - looking like a mini model.
Unfortunately, Jack didn't take a decent nap today so he was a handful in church tonight. Threw a toy, etc. Cute story: before church, my SIL needed to leave the pew so her son Garrett became a little upset. Jack noticed how upset he was and said, "She go potty," trying to explain to his cousin that she'd be right back.

I am always in awe at how empathetic children are. Their hearts are so pure. I was concerned and Jack also became worried when Meaghan kept riding her bike down the hill. "Don't get hurt!" he said, as she went down the third time. 
We had a wonderful time today. Looking forward to my hometown parish's spring breakfast tomorrow.

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