Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Good Goes Bad

If you checked out the last story I posted, you saw me pose as an over excited fake pregnant woman for a US Census promotion. Well, my "wild" past has caught up with me this time. My co-worker asked me to act like a car thief for his story on the local police department's bait car program. After the music opening, "Rhonda" hits the street looking for a car to steal, but ends up with a Bait Car. I love the snarl on my face as I enter the car. Good thing the sun was in my eyes. It helped add to my evil allure.

Ironically, this was the same day that I traded in my old car for my newsed "new used" car. Although I'm sure I looked quite interesting in the car dealership, I did ditch the flannel and tank top before I met with my car salesperson. Notice the car seat in the back seat of "Bessie," my old bucket beauty. Oops. I'm not sure many bait cars have car seats in them.

I'll have to tell you about "Ruby," my fiery bucket of bolts in a future post.

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