Thursday, March 4, 2010

Taking the Court

We attended Aunt Jay's basketball game tonight.
She is Jack's birth mom's sister.
I had so much fun. I've always loved watching basketball games live. I'm not a huge fan of watching them on TV. (It's just not the same.) While at the game tonight, I was reminded of my old high school's basketball teams.
We were good once.
Of course, I usually end up talking more than watching the game. Jack loved staying up past his bedtime and eating popcorn! Thanks Great Grandma!
We had the worst luck with stuff falling below the bleachers.
We all took turns going after stuff.
We were blessed to see Jack's birth mom, her fiance, and Jack's Great Grandpa, Great Grandma and Nanna. I hope everyone can make it back tomorrow night.
These were some of Jack's comments during the game, "Go Aunt Jay!" and "Oh, shoot!" when someone (either side) missed the basket. Aunt Jay's team has advanced to the championship game tomorrow night. Can't wait!

*As always, Jack's birth mom and her family don't mind if we post pictures of them.

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