Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Prepping for EB

We attended the city's Donuts with the Easter Bunny event today. This is as close as we came to the big girl bunny. (Notice the bow on her ear.)
We cut out and colored an Easter egg.
Then we made an Easter bunny bucket.
I admit. I pretty much completed Jack's bucket and he was happy with this arrangement. If I had let Jack to his own whims, who knows what his bucket would have looked like - maybe this? A very artistic bucket by a cute girl we sat next to. We all loved Callie's bucket.
Then we went Easter egg hunting.
Donuts came towards the end but Jack wasn't very impressed. He wanted the rest of his Easter egg stash.
So, guess who finished the donut? Can't say, but jogging was a little rough tonight.

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