Friday, March 19, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish

We attended Family Swim Night at the city pool tonight.
Jack was very excited.
He had a lot of fun splashing the water and jumping into the pool.
We actually had some problems with a bully. One of Jack's favorite things to do was climb up and down the slide stairs. Once, while we were at the top, this brat climbed into the slide (we were not in his way) and said, "See ya sucker!" I told him that wasn't very nice. The boy was probably 6 or 7. He was overweight and had a fools tail. He reminded me of Uncle Eddie's boy in Christmas vacation.

Another time, I had to tell this boy not to push his smaller brother down the slide. I saw his parents a little later and they thanked me for reprimanding him. Then, while we were in the lazy river, the same brat boy went swimming past us and said, "Cry baby." I told him Jack was not a cry baby and that he needed to be quiet. 

When we left the pool, we saw this boy crying. Looked like his parents had finally disciplined him. The little kid inside of me wanted to say, "Who's the cry baby now?" I think this was the same kid who knocked several times on the bathroom door while we were changing to go into the pool. Uh, hello. The door is locked. Annoying!
We still had a great time. We plan on signing Jack up for swim lessons this summer. This will be his third time. I think he'll love it even more than last year.

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