Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gym Update

I've been averaging 3 to 4 times a week at the gym, sometimes during lunch, sometimes at night. I'm really proud of myself, mostly, because I haven't grown to resent the grind yet. :)

During my three months at the gym, I've learned
  • One bathroom stall won't latch.
  • It sometimes takes forever for warm water to come out of the showers. Seriously, the pool would be warmer at times.
  • How annoying it is when people talk on their cell phones while exercising.
  • You can't hear the TV through some of the machines. A real problem since the tube helps distract me from my grueling jog.
  • How much I enjoy getting back into shape. 
The toning continues. My tush is definitely more toned. I'm jogging 30 minutes at a time and not passing out.

After church tonight, one of my fellow communion ministers asked if I had lost weight! (Not really, maybe 3 to 5 lbs but who's counting, right?) He said my face looked a little different. He wondered if I had been working out. 

Whoo hoo! I just hope I can stay motivated. I sure love feeling a little leaner and the extra boost of energy I receive from the workouts is great!

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Amy said...

Good for you!!