Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend in Review

In addition to sporting a bunny suit this weekend, we had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We enjoyed a fish fry on Friday night. Mom and dad volunteered along with many other people from my hometown parish. Proceeds from the fish fry will help a woman whose daughter is in a St. Louis hospital. The little girl is in grade school and has had serious medical issues since she was born. And their washer recently blew up. It's been a rough two weeks for them.
Jack became a little hyper at the fish fry. Good thing we arrived towards the end of it. One nice parishioner brought fresh hush puppies (my favorite) towards our table. Now that's customer service. The fish was excellent too. Our parish is getting a great reputation for its fish frys.

We took it easy back home today. With the whole spring forward thing, it's probably a good thing to mellow out on this short day. With the outside being yucky (bring back the 60 degree weather!), we found some fun things to do inside including bowling.
A ball and two pins also make a nice drum.
I dared to clip Jack's nails and cut his hair. Geez. What's up with the hair? It's like he's John Travolta or Samson from the Bible. Jack had a major meltdown which is no fun when you're trying to trim his hair and fast! It doesn't look great, but it will do until next time. I sure don't want to put anyone else through that torture.

I'm looking forward to editing the bunny promo tomorrow. Happy Monday!

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EE said...

Why do boys nails and hair seem to grow faster than girls? We have the same problem at our house!!