Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fun with Friends

We had a great time with wonderful friends tonight. This is a family very dear to us. They often help us in a pinch when we need someone to watch Jack. And they're so much fun to hang out with. We enjoyed Mexican food, then Jack wanted candy, so he munched on not only his lollipop but poor Griffin's ring pop as well. At least Jack's had all his shots.Me share?Stinker!Move over Elizabeth Taylor! Ring pops are cool, look so genuine and are much cheaper.Poor EE had a run-in with a white object we can call a tissue, for lack of a better word. Ew! EE, nobody models TP like you, nobody! Bye, bye!

1 comment:

EE said...

We had the best time with you all tonight!!
Thanks for treating us to a yummy dinner!!!
How on earth did I wind up TP on my shoe, when I didn't even step foot in the restroom????? Scary.