Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend in Review

Mike and I finally saw the latest Harry Potter movie on Friday. I've read all the books. Mike tends to read the last chapters (cheater!). Anyway, we both liked the movie. They always leave me wanting more. I guess it's a good thing they're splitting the last book into two movies.

Our Saturday was pretty low key. Today was fun. We visited Jack's birth mother's family and had a wonderful time. It was fun just hanging out, enjoying her family's wonderful meal and talking. Jack even made it into their pool for a little while with daddy. They were much braver than me. I took the pictures and kept my white legs to myself.Jack was able to feed carrots and leaves to his birth mom's horses. He really enjoyed that. Poor tree.Both grandpas (his birth mom's grandpa and my dad) offered to take Jack on a John Deere tractor today but he said "no" each time. Crazy kid. All he talks about is "poppo" and "tractor." Mike and one of Jack's uncles played air hockey. Mike is a little too competitive in the game. Jack's uncle said he wasn't hitting as hard because he didn't want to hit Jack. Not sure if that was true...but it was pretty funny. See the chip flying in the air?Then we went to see my folks a bit and Jack played with little kitties. That was fun until Mike said Jack tried to sit on one. Don't worry. They're okay.And then we played a little outside when we arrived home tonight. Yes, that's me. Jack insisted I sit on one of his tricycles even though I look like a fat cow on it.Self-portrait time!I am soooo tired. I can't believe tomorrow is Monday, a work day. Ugh!


michelle said...

not a fat cow... cute hair and cute dimples... of course, Jack is a doll, too.

EE said...

You look fantastic!
Can we meet up with you guys next week????