Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend in Review

We had a fun, busy weekend. We attended my family's annual potato pancake get-together at my aunt's home. She is always so gracious to host the event. First, you have to grind the potatoes.My aunt always fries the potato pancakes - it's called quality control. They were very good.Yummy extras.My brother enjoying his first trip.My mom and aunt sported "copy and paste" shirts. Aren't they cute!My son only had eyes for me. My little cling-on.While we were at my aunt's enjoying the beautiful day outside, I teased Meaghan about either being so busy (attempting to chase a cat out of a bush) or being bossy and she matter-of-factly replied, "Well, I am a natural born leader!" :)

Jack and I stayed the weekend at my parents' house which gave us extra time to get goofy with Meaghan and huge zucchinies.Jack rode on a tractor again. Grandpa let Meaghan "drive." I'd show a cute picture of her looking quite silly but my niece has a habit of "dressing down" for the summer.Cute kitty! At one point, Jack thought all three of the kitties needed to be on mommy's lap. When they wandered off, he'd say, "Kitty," and retrieve them. I was very proud of him. He handled the kitties very well.We also visited Jack's birth mother and her family at their hometown picnic. Jack soon discovered how fun uncles and an aunt can be. They, along with his birth mother, took him in a bounce house, played duck and fish pond with him, and also went on a little choo choo ride. Jack got around more than I did. I admire his birth family's energy. I remember when I had a remnant of it when my niece was a toddler. I'm tapping into my reserve energy these days.When we arrived home last night, we realized that a few tiny brown specks on Jack were actually sea ticks. Boy, removing them was not fun. Poor Jack.

Yes, I realize I've used a lot of air quotations in this e-mail.


Amy said...

Those are the biggest zucchini's ever!! Love the kitty.

EE said...

I don't think I've ever seen zuccini that big...WOW!!
Glad you all had a great time!!!