Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fair Day

We've had beautiful weather here this week, the perfect time to attend the local fair. So, I took Jack last night and we survived, barely. Jack has been super clingy lately, partially due to not feeling 100 percent (allergies or teething). So, he admired the rides more when he was off of them than when we tried to ride. In fact, we rode two rides last night, definitely worth the $10 arm band. Ha, ha. That arm band ended up going on his leg after he cried bloody murder when the guy tried to put it on his arm.Below is one ride we managed to stay on, the other was the carousel.Jack probably would have been happy with entering the fair, grabbing a free balloon, looking at the tractors on display and heading home. But I was trying to give him the full fair experience with rides, fair food (forgot the cotton candy, darn it) and petting zoo. There was a three week old giraffe at the zoo - so cute!
My friend Geni and her two children also attended the fair. Now, they actually rode the rides. :)


EE said...

What about the funnel cake???
He's so dang cute!

Jen said...

Love all the photos - can't believe how big Jack has gotten!