Thursday, July 16, 2009

McFly is Back!

Our fingerprints are good for another 15 months. I can't believe we received our renewed I-171H so fast. It's only been a week since our trip to Kansas City. When we started this more than three years ago, it took forever to get this notice. So, yippie skippy! We'll probably be going through all this at least one more time.

And now, for some cute pictures of Jack.

Somebody loves chocolate! This could make Halloween extremely more dull but less fattening for me this year. Looks like Jack is trying to be a trekkie.He looks so grown-up in this picture.Jack with daddy and his uncle Joe, who came to see us a couple of weeks ago.*By the way, the McFly reference is to a Back To the Future reference I made in a past post.

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EE said...

Ahhh! He does look grown up in that picture!