Thursday, July 24, 2008

Post Placement Visit #2

So, life is ironic. After spending some excruciating hours cleaning yesterday, we ended up meeting with our social worker at her office tonight. I bet God was chuckling over that one, but at least our house is clean. Mike and I joked that we should have these visits more often.

We had a wonderful visit with our SW. She's fun to hang out with and talk about stuff. Our next and last visit with our SW is in September. That's kind of exciting but also sad. I'm not sure when we would have the opportunity to see our friends at the agency again. Our agency only works with couples on domestic adoption if they have one or no children in their home. If we also adopt Maggie Rose, we will no longer be eligible under their guidelines. I love our agency and would like to have them on our side again if we decide to pursue another domestic adoption. Only God knows what the future of our family looks like. However, I could go for a "real" Magic 8 ball or cheap pyschic.

Jack's picture is another great one by EE.


EE said...

So glad your visit went so well. Did Baby Jack sleep through it, or was he his usual cute self???
Sorry about taking the last comment off...commentor's remorse:o
Swimming next week?????

EE said...

New post up at my blog... think you might be interested!!