Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Judgement Time

Mike and I have been cleaning like crazy. Not that our house is a total pigsty, but there's even more pressure these days to turn this love shack into a more presentable "crib." Our social worker will visit with us tomorrow night to make sure that Jack is living in a safe house and that we're taking good care of him.

Except for his teething pains, Jack is a happy boy, so there really isn't a justification for the nerves that tend to get all knotted up before our SW arrives. We actually love our SW. She's a warm, fun person.

We took Jack to his 9 month doctor appointment last week and asked the physician to fill out an immunization/doctor visit verification from for Jack's medical history. I mentioned that there's so much adoptive people have to go through to prove that they can be parents. He said something like, if more parents were adoptive parents, there would be happier children, as opposed to those who are in unsafe environments, etc.

I struggle with this. Why it seems that biological parents seem to have the right to be parents while adoptive parents have to prove it. Yes, I understand why the system is the way it is. Babies deserve a loving home. But my brother has two biological children and he and his wife have never been visited by a social worker.

However, I would jump through a thousand hoops if that's what I had to do to keep Jack. I would even, gasp, clean my house every day.


EE said...
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Amy said...

Good luck with your visit. You'll be fine!