Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary?

Today marks two years since we were logged into the CCAA, the China Center of Adoption Affairs. When we first started the process in fall 2005, the wait was less than a year. With that kind of timeline, we could have been back already with our baby girl and logged in for her sister.

The current wait for a referral is 29 months but the timeline continues to increase. The snail pace referral rate is a drag. It's hard not to become disgruntled with China's slow down. We thank God that Jack is in our lives. We hope that our friends who are in the adoption process will be blessed in incredible ways during their wait. A couple in our adoption wait group switched to special needs and are headed to China this week. I can't imagine what they must be feeling now. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to sleep.

As for us? We may end up waiting another two years. In hindsight, I can't believe two years have already passed, but looking ahead, two more years seem like a long time. I may be evolving to a slug along the way. They are slower than snails, right?


Amy said...

Two years is a long time to wait. Hang in there!

Jen said...

I agree, two years is loooong. I'm so happy you two have Jack... he's such a cute baby. I adore every photo!!!!
Hang in there, lady, Maggie Rose will be with you one day.

EE said...

Hey! How are you guys? Did you survive the 4th? Did Mike wear his hat??? I'm dying to see pictures.
Give me a call when you have a chance!

EE said...

The glimpse of Maggie Rose tonight... I think it's a sign!
Thanks so much for the pizza. We had a blast!
Hope Baby Jack gets to feeling better. Please keep us posted.
Getting ready to send you tons of pool picts!
Please post soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!