Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sweaty wedded bliss

Mike and I attended a coworker's wedding this morning. I could tell by the address that the ceremony was going to be at someone's home so I was curious as to where we would find ourselves. The address belonged to an exclusive subdivision. The house was huge and I couldn't wait to see the inside as we walked towards the massive building. Then we found ourselves directed towards the back of the home. Ok, so we were going to be outside during the wedding. Neat, I've never attended an outdoor wedding before. Oh, so the chairs were all in the hot, hot sun during the entire thing?

Needless to say, although the wedding was beautiful, we were miserable during the entire 15 minutes plus. When I say "we", I'm not just talking about me. While makeup was dripping off my face, poor Jack was restless. I was comforted by the thought that we would be inside after the ceremony. Well, ok, so they brought the cake and the punch outside onto the non shaded deck after the formal hitching. Well, alright, so we would probably go inside this huge house after they served cake and punch. We would finally get to see the inside and escape the heat. Well, er, immediate family went inside for pictures while coworkers and mere acquaintances stood outside comforted by a couple of fans. They were even so kind as to bring outside two containers, one for trash, one for the plates, silverware and glasses, so we wouldn't have to bother stepping a toe into the spacious air conditioned house. I know this house belonged to an employee of the bridal party but WTH gives in 90 degrees humid weather? My poor Jack was miserable. I'm not very good with heat. We ate our cake and punch (I've never been one to pass up that combo) and got the heck out of dodge.

I've thought about writing to Dear Abbey. If you're going to have just a cake and punch reception, don't you think you can afford an air conditioned hall?


EE said...

I'm with you. It amazes me that people plan outdoor weddings in the middle of July!
Glad you all survived!!

Karla & Ben said...

We went to an outdoor wedding at the Lake of the Ozarks last year. The guests were not allowed to swim. Beer was the only beverage readily available. That's right, water was not served... a strictly BYOW event.

I've been lurking for awhile after hear about Jack from EE. He is adorable. I love the swim pix.