Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ode to a Crappy Car

Oh crappy car.
Your brake pads are shot.
Your paint is a'peeling.
Your tires are not so hot.

Oh crappy car.
Only six years old and ready for the heap.
I'd buy a new car.
But I'm too cheap.

I wish I could put the brakes on my car's slow demise. It's had a rough life. Barely a year old, it was hit by an SUV. A few years later, when a deer committed suicide, my car was forced to be an accomplice in the ghoulish nightmare.

Now, my brakes are squeaking and I'm worried that I'm going to violate the city's noise ordinance. A few weeks back, it sounded as though the rear end intended to fall off. It's time to break down and take the poor thing to the auto body shop. Ugh! There's a point in your car's career when you have to wonder if you're spending more than its worth to keep it running. I'm already past that point but my old car payment now goes to childcare.

Maybe I should embrace the noise, sup up the car with an ear splitting stereo system and hydraulic lift system.


EE said...

My breaks squeak, too. Sucks...doesn't it???

EE said...

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!

Amy said...

I can totally relate. I have a pretty good car but there's always the routine maintenance, new tires, brakes, etc...and I do have the peeling paint, too. Nothing hurts more than spending money on car repairs.