Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Should I Have Said?

What do you do when you find yourself walking behind someone incredibly slow? Do you go around them? Tonight, Mike and I went to church with Jack like we usually do on Saturday night. As we walked to church, we got behind a couple who, without going into too much detail, took up the entire sidewalk. I thought it would be rude to go around them, like it would appear too obvious that we thought they were slow so we kept to their snail pace. Our church has three doors so as soon as they were in sight and the sidewalk widened, we bolted to one of the side doors. The woman said, "I guess the right lane is for slow people." To show some kind of response, I pretended to laugh because she sounded as though she was trying to be funny.

Thinking back, maybe I should have pretended that I didn't hear her. I wasn't trying to be rude when I bolted past them but I hate getting behind slow people. I've always been a fast walker. Ugh! Another lesson learned?


Amy said...

I know...I hate getting behind slow people, too. And I am naturally a fast walker, too. Leaving the stadium last night, I was walking to my car and I was behind all the dwadlers.

EE said...

I probably would have just run them over;)