Sunday, March 1, 2009

Road Trip!

Guess where we headed this weekend? Springfield. Yep, beautiful, rain never goes anywhere Springfield. It had been more than ten years since I'd been to SMSU for college. And this was the weekend, the skies opened and the snow fell and fell.

Of course, the weathercasters said it would snow. But as we left my parents' house, it was just spitting. And it had been a mild winter so I really didn't suspect to run into anything, or, not much anyway.

It wasn't until we got somewhere between Rolla and Springfield that the interstate became extremely patchy and traffic came to a crawl. We hung in there until we found the next exit, filled up with gas and found a hotel without sliding off the road. (We saw a SUV's back-end slide. We also saw a car slide after trying to make a left.) God, our guardian angels and I suspect my grandmothers were with us as we found our way to the hotel, especially since my wipers turned out to be crappy.

We were fortunate we pulled off when we did. We later learned the interstate was closed after two big rigs wrecked.

We ended up staying at this hotel.Even though it's only a "One Star," it wasn't so bad. There was an attached restaurant and we enjoyed our time in a nice sized room.The car was pretty easy to clean off. Thank goodness Jack knew how to use the ice scraper.Perks of being "snowed-in" in the middle of nowhere:

Spending extra time this weekend with my best female friend (mom)
Spending quality time with my son
Watching the Hallmark Channel love marathan featuring films based on Janette Oke's books.
Seeing how confident my mom was in my ability to get us somewhere safely
Picking up video needed for a project due tomorrow.
Eating at Cracker Barrel

Barely seeing my husband this weekend.
Learning that mom muttered "Jesus, Mary, Joseph" while I drove
The extra wrinkles above my brows

Praise God we're all home safe and sound!

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EE said...

Glad you made it home safely. The motel sounds like the type to rent it's rooms by the hour. Hope you didn't sit on the bedspread;)
We had a blast with Jack on Friday!!!