Thursday, March 5, 2009

Torture Device

Examine torture device: 101, the fingernail clipper. Used to torture toddlers for more than a century. Capable of turning minutes of clipping into excruciating scream fests. Infamous battles of the wills have been attributed to the clipper.

I told Jack I didn't want him to be a drag princess so we had some fun tonight. You would think clipping his nails was equivalent to destroying his soul.

He'd better not let Miss Meaghan get a hold of him.
Today's useless trivia
According to a couple of Web sites, nail clippers were invented by Chapel Carter in 1896. What did people use before then? Ew...

1 comment:

EE said...

I know a guy who brags about the way he clips his toenails... he chews them. That's disgusting!!!
Baby Jack has had black nails before... I think he should give the red a shot!